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Lloyds TSB Savings Banks Museum, Ruthwell

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scottish tourist board 4 star museum In 1810 Dr. Henry Duncan opened the world's first savings bank based on business principles, paying interest on its investors' modest savings.

The original Ruthwell Parish Bank is now home of the Savings Banks Museum. The eighteenth century building houses a collection of early home savings boxes, coins and bank notes from many parts of the world. There are books on the worldwide spread of savings banks. The modest but important archives include documents and letters on the history of savings banks.

rev. henry duncan
Rev. Henry Duncan
1774 - 1846

The Rev Henry Duncan was minister of the parish church in Ruthwell for nearly 50 years. He became Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and he was a leading light in the Disruption of the Kirk in 1843.

Dr Duncan restored the magnificent medieval Ruthwell Cross. The eighth century Cross is one of the finest Anglo-Saxon crosses in Britain and has now been returned to its rightful place in Ruthwell Church.

from labourer's son to minister - detail from picture at the savings banks museum ukThe first scientific paper on fossil footprints found in Corncockle Quarry was presented by Duncan to the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1828.

A newspaper founder and editor, he also published tracts and papers on parish savings banks, slavery emancipation, education, improving conditions for teachers etc.

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